The Adventurists      

In February Chris Marsh and Rob Tincknell will be giving up their nice cosy offices and are heading off to Siberia to take part in a charity race.  The Ice Run, 2,000km across the frozen Siberian wilderness on old school Ural motorbikes to the only town in the world sitting on the Arctic circle.

The Pioneer's Ice Run will begin on the 11th February from the Southern end of the River Ob in Irbit, ending in the North Siberian town of Salekhard some weeks later. How we get between these two points is up to us and indeed may not really be even possible.

In summer the only way to get to the northern end of the Ob is on a boat or an aeroplane. But luckily for 6 months of the year Siberia is colder than a snowman's gonads and squashed under several metres of ice and snow. The only way to cross this icy wilderness is by a network of ice roads. These little transportation wonders are paths of occasionally flattened snow that snake over and alongside the frozen rivers.

If there is particularly heavy snow, the ice roads can become impassable. They also move each year, depending on the climate, and at a certain point they melt and you fall in the river. All this means navigating our way to the finish line will be extremely difficult and at times potentially dangerous.

As always we will hopefully raise a lot of dosh for a good cause with 100% of the money going directly to the chosen charity. We are still waiting to see who the official charity will be but as soon as we hear we will let you know.